jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Creación de un Párrafo en inglés

La estructura de un párrafo consiste en:
  • Topic Sentence:
Esta es la oración que indica la idea general de la que tratara el párrafo

  • Supporting sentences:
Son las oraciones que respaldan mi idea general

  • Conclusion: es una proposición final
Topic sentence:
Mary does many things every day.

Supporting Sentences:
In the morning she goes to run, prepares breakfast, and goes to school.
In the afternoon she goes to work, visits her friends and plays soccer.
In the evening she prepares diner, does homework and watches TV.

Conclusion: At the end of the day she is very tired.
Actividad: Realiza un parrafo donde hables de las actividades que realizas cada día.

4 comentarios:

  1. Hello Teacher.
    Here is the paragraph with the required caracteristics:

    "Ghost and Spirits.

    There are many interesting holidays in the United States. One of them is Halloween, the day the ghosts visit us. It´s on October 31. But Halloween is more about fun than fear. All over the U.S., people decorate their homes with pumpkins, black cats, and witches (the symbols of Halloween). On October 31, in the evening, children wear costumes. They visit their neighbors'houses and ask for candy. Adults also enjoy Halloween. Many wear costumes to parties in the evening.

    At the same time of year in Mexico, there is a holiday called the Day of the Dead. It is from Octber 31 to November 2. For three days, people remember decceased realtives and friends. Many people make special tables (called altars) in their home.
    They decorate the altars with candles, flowers, and photos. They give food and drink to the dead, and play their favorite music. People eat a special bread and candy skulls. In some places, there are also festivals. People ewar skeleton costumes and acarry a coffin through the town.

    Mexican and American people enjoy these holidays."

    I hope everything works out fine
    Fausto Zarate Melchor

  2. Oye como puedo redactar un párrafo que hable sobre ma importancia de las pruebas saber

  3. Oye como puedo redactar un párrafo que hable sobre ma importancia de las pruebas saber